ABIMM Monthly eBlast: Training Edition

ABIMM Monthly eBlast: Training

To be a professional means to maintain peak performance in your craft. Users of ABIMM don’t master all the time-saving features of the system with just one training session.

This is why training is such a critical part in getting the most out of ABIMM.  Trickle down training from one manager to the next has the potential for missing out on best practices, latest features, and powerful tools of the software. Efficient use can save countless hours on employee communication, scheduling, labor reporting/budgeting, and more.

“In one day we here as a staff saved ourselves hours and hours of work with just the training program that was provided. I would highly recommend to anyone currently using this program to have an onsite training day set up and you will witness just as we did not only all the benefits and tools that exist within the program but also the amount of time saved once you are properly trained on how to use all that is at your disposal. Thank you so much ABI for all of your help!”

Kyle Titus
Ballpark Operations Manager
Reno Aces Baseball Club

Below are a few key components of ABI Training, and what makes it stand apart from the usual trainings other organizations may provide.

  • ABI works with you to learn your specific setup, structure, and goals. We then custom tailor a training solution to fit your needs, on-site or remotely.
  • ABI does not use Powerpoints, canned speeches, or cookie cutter images to train your employees. Instead, we use your own data to identify areas of improvement and unused features that can assist in your day to day operations.
  • ABI guarantees that users will get an incredible value from training and learn how to better utilize ABIMM. We never charge until training is complete, so if you’re not fully satisfied, give our CEO a call with your suggestions and you will not receive a bill. PS: He’s still waiting after 18 years.

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