Inventory & Wardrobe Manager

Tracking inventory and wardrobe is a daunting and costly task. With ABI MasterMind® each inventory item (such as tools, jackets, radios, keys, etc.) is labeled with a barcode and the system tracks them by location, category, and type. Items are easily dispersed and tracked by first scanning the ABI MasterMind® credential and then each inventory item is distributed. For tracked inventory, as well as consumables, the system manages your minimum, maximum, and reorder stocking levels.

All of the information you would want to store about an item, including its purchase date, cost, vendor details, warranty, and service intervals are tracked. Sales and gratis transactions may also be performed. Dozens of functional reports allow you to easily manage all aspects of your inventory. The use of this module will cut labor costs by streamlining your inventory Check In/Out process and save you thousands of dollars each year by eliminating the need to replace inventory that is lost, misplaced or not returned.