Meal Manager

The ABI MasterMind® Meal Manager allows you to easily assign and manage meals for employees, vendors, and guests. An unlimited number of meal events can be created, and optionally attached to any schedule in Workforce Manager. When attached, you can use the current event schedule to preselect all scheduled people for meal assignment. Meals can be redeemed by scanning credentials at designated locations (break area, press room, concession stand, etc.) via ABI MasterMind® terminal or ESS portal. You can also print customized one-time meal tickets using a high speed thermal printer to be distributed and used by people even outside the system. When redeeming meals an individual can be restricted by location, event, and time. A credential or meal ticket can be scanned at any location to verify an individual’s correct meal time and location. Different locations and meal times can be assigned retail and/or charge back values for easy cost reporting back to a department or vendor.