Applicant Manager

The ABI MasterMind® Applicant Manager is a robust applicant tracking system geared to streamline the recruitment and onboarding of talent for both event staff and non-event personnel. Job postings are organized into one or more applicant groups, each with their own WEB portal. You can create as many postings as you need with unique customized questions, documents, and time frames. From the WEB portals, applicants can search through postings, create an online profile to apply for jobs, as well as view submitted applications. All required information and documents are immediately transferred into ABI MasterMind® where hiring managers can review, comment, and report on current applications.

Applicant Manager onboards approved applicants directly into ABI MasterMind®. Onboarding steps are created and as a candidate fulfills the steps, the hiring manager can mark them as completed. If any step(s) require additional documentation, these documents can be uploaded and stored in the system. Once all steps have been completed the applicant is then hired directly into the ABI MasterMind® Workforce Manager and is ready to log in to Enterprise Self Service (ESS), sign up for training, or be scheduled.