About ABI

ABI professional staff have years of experience in the design and implementation of Workforce Management, payroll/HRIS, accounting, and business information systems. Our experience gives you the best available group of venue management consultants available for your industry in the world today. Rely on us to understand your needs and solve your problems.

ABI was founded in 1990 to install and support the Platinum accounting and payroll system. What separates ABI from traditional professional services firms is that early on a staff of technical professionals was assembled to design, sell, install, and support physical network components and infrastructure. Since our inception, we’ve staffed ABI with the finest senior-level software engineers to provide custom application development to meet any client needs. With over two decades of building the finest professional team available, we are able to offer our clients a true “end-to-end” information system design, deployment, and support organization.

The original Time Management and Scheduling System (“TMSS”) was designed in 1998 to automate the staffing and scheduling needs of the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum (OACC) complex. Prior to the implementation of TMSS, OACC employed a staff of 12 to manually create event schedules, call staff to verify availability, manually review time clock punches, and handle all other payroll needs. Complex union rules, seniority issues, staff availability, and limited time clock functionality created the need for a more effective solution in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency. TMSS automated the scheduling and positioning process and allowed OACC to improve facility operations staff efficiency by 50%. Bottom line cost savings (in 1998 dollars) amounted to $100,000 in the first year of use.

In the summer of 1998, ABI began the process of updating TMSS for Y2K compliance as well as graphical enhancements and Internet integration. The updated and greatly enhanced version was called TMSS2000®. In June 2003, ABI changed the system name to ABI MasterMind® to better reflect the fact that it moved beyond automating only complex time management and scheduling. During the 25+ years of deploying ABI MasterMind® we have added hundreds of new features and are continually enhancing the system to meet client needs. Additionally, owing to outstanding feedback from over 800 end user venue clients and requests to provide solutions to streamline their operations, ABI has developed modules covering enterprise self service, incident tracking, inventory and wardrobe management, lost and found tracking, meal management, applicant management, and event booking. With continued enhancements being added and additional modules under development, ABI MasterMind® is and will continue to be an integral part of efficiently and cost-effectively managing our clients’ operational needs.