Event Booking Manager

Managing all engagements, events, promoters, customers, rentals, and space is a snap with the ABI MasterMind® Event Booking module. An unlimited number of booking locations can be defined with a table of current and future rental rates. All of your customers’ information, contacts, and customizable contract templates are stored, which are then linked to engagements. Engagements are created with the ability to rapidly book and reserve dates. A status of hold, tentative or booked allows you to generate calendars for single rooms, multiple rooms, the entire venue, or any combination you desire, along with equipment rental needs. These features are critical when dealing with teams, leagues or tenants in regards to managing their event schedule.

The “Master Calendar” allows your booking agent(s) to schedule, view, and manipulate all event and non-event activity. A separate “Events Calendar” is available for non-booking staff, which only displays booked engagements, while masking tentative and hold dates. The system prints out calendars (in a pre-defined traditional or list format), as well as booking and engagement notices. Optionally, calendar and contract data can be merged with your own customized Word® templates, which can be PDF’d and/or distributed as needed.