Support Overview


ABI offers toll-free technical support available during both normal business hours (7am-4pm Pacific) and after hours. Our after hours on-call personnel are the same ABI consultants and technicians helping you daily from our Sacramento, California offices. Unlike most software companies, there is no additional charge for this level of support.


From on-site information gathering, to database design, to data import, and finally data output, our team of professionals will guide you through each step of your implementation. ABI hires, trains, and provides the highest level of senior consulting staff because any software system is only as good as its design. Our firm belief is that our relationship is not merely as a client/vendor but as a client/partner. We will assist you not only during the installation of our software, but continuously as your needs arise. We will design an efficient and auditable system that will meet your operational, accounting, payroll, and human resources needs.


Whether you choose a hosted solution or an in-house server configuration, ABI’s technical staff will assist you on site and remotely. We will ensure that all hardware and software is properly configured, tested, and fully functional with appropriate drivers installed.



  • Touch screen Check In/Out terminals
  • Hand-held units
  • Scanners and swipe card readers
  • Credential printers
  • Credential camera
  • Receipt printers
  • Biometric devices
  • Desktop thin client


  • Multi-user server(s) and operating system software
  • Database server(s) and operating system software
  • Web server and operating system software
  • Database manager software
  • ABI MasterMind® runtime software

ABI’s systems engineers will work closely with your technical staff to ensure that Ethernet connectivity, firewall configuration, network routing, Active Directory integration, security protocols, and client PC deployment meet your network security requirements and operate flawlessly in your environment.


We feel that training is the most important core service that we provide to you. Our consultants and technicians perform onsite or remote training on the ABI MasterMind® system that goes beyond simple keystroke training. ABI staff provides standard end user guides and will develop detailed procedural documentation tailored to the individual needs of specific end users within your organization. Whether performed in a classroom setting or one-on-one, ABI trainers will ensure that your staff are fully trained and have learned how the database structures of your system and the components of your hardware will be used to support your operational needs.

Product Updates

Product updates (service packs and major releases) are provided at no additional charge for clients current on annual maintenance or ASP delivery. New features and enhancements result from continual client feedback and communication. All ABI MasterMind® updates are loaded on the server only and no changes are needed on the individual clients. Detailed release notes are emailed to our clients’ designated recipient(s) for review prior to any system update. ABI’s staff will then coordinate and perform the update(s) at a convenient non-prime time period, designated by you, with no site interaction required.