The ABI MasterMind® Incident Tracking module assists venue managers, security command center personnel, and staff in documenting and reporting all incidents accurately and efficiently. In most facilities forms are filled out, digital pictures are printed and attached, multiple copies are manually produced, then distributed internally to the proper authorities and to insurance companies. With ABI MasterMind® this entire process becomes automated. The system was designed with input from industry professionals and law enforcement, and provides all of the forms required to track and report dispatch, internal, and event related incidents.

Incident Manager

User-friendly input screens allow detailed information to be recorded encompassing category, type, location, subject(s), witness(es), narrative, optional police or EMT details, notes and more. Each incident can have an unlimited number of digital photographs electronically attached. Time and date stamped notes with optional reminders provide the audit trail needed when managing incident follow-up. Reports, graphs and dot maps can be produced to spot trends, better identify venue “hot spots”, and deploy staff appropriately. Incidents can also be emailed to internal management, legal counsel, risk managers, or insurance underwriters.