As a facility manager, you’ve got a daunting job to do, with a never-ending list of responsibilities that demand your constant attention. Now there’s a solution to your management demands… ABI MasterMind®. Over 400 venues in North America depend on it!

Among those 400 are a diverse range of buildings and service providers from theatres and performing arts centers to many of North America’s largest stadiums, arenas, convention centers, resorts, and staffing services. There is no better solution than ABI Mastermind® for workforce management, event booking, incident tracking, inventory and wardrobe management, credentialing, budgeting, enterprise self service and more: everything you need to get your job done.

It’s all wrapped up in one single, powerful system so you can streamline your management processes and increase your bottom line.

ABI MasterMind® will offer you a self-contained, single solution without proprietary equipment and is the only system that truly addresses your business process needs while demonstrating full cost recovery and bottom line results. Labor costs represent one of the largest budget line items in the operation of any business. Managers know only too well the incredible amount of time, effort, and staff hours it takes to schedule people, provide estimated labor costs, produce actual labor costing reports, track training, settle events and much more. Using the technology provided in ABI MasterMind® can have a dramatic cost savings and a rapid return on investment (ROI) in the area of scheduling and time management of staff, also referred to as Workforce Management Planning (WMP). Managers responsible for WMP utilize “tools” like Excel spreadsheets, manual time sheets, stand alone time clocks, home-grown databases or manually created schedules. These “tools” do not provide efficient or integrated methods of labor budgeting, scheduling, positioning or costing. We are confident that you will have full cost recovery well within the first year and will continue to show significant bottom line results year after year.