ABI MasterMind® uses thin-client technology and is based on the Microsoft Windows® Terminal Server architecture along with Citrix XenApp ServerTM. Citrix management software is utilized to allow remote system management by facility or ABI staff. Using this design, all application processes occur on the servers. Management, front line and event staff can utilize all functionality of the system from anywhere in the world.


ABI MasterMind® was fundamentally designed with the idea that our clients should have a choice between ASP delivery or on-site deployment.
ASP delivery allows ABI to address facilities seeking a fixed monthly delivery cost and off-site management of the system. Software can be optionally licensed or leased on a monthly basis along with a per concurrent user charge. End user facilities will only need to purchase or lease kiosks or slimlines with touch screen terminals and a credential printer(s) as well as contract for required implementation and consulting services. ABI co-locates in the Sacramento, California Raging Wire (Class A/Tier IV) data center in order to provide speed, security, fault tolerance and reliability demanded by us and our end user clients. We have established a tight partnership with the service provider(s) to minimize failure points and ensure continued high client satisfaction. For those clients that prefer onsite deployment, ABI will specify in detail all hardware and software components required to run the system in a fully fault-tolerant configuration. This hardware and/or software may be purchased from ABI, the clients’ vendors, or a combination of both. ABI’s technical staff will consult with you regarding integration into your existing domain and travel onsite for actual server deployment and technical training.

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